DIY Shower Door Installation- Houston, Tx

DIY Shower Door?

A DIY shower door in the Houston Area is something we want to chat about today. We just want to give you a few thoughts about DIY with glass showers or pretty much any type of glass work. Many years ago, showers were mainly installed with ugly and big frames. Time is changing however and the trend is to not only have a practical shower but also a well-designed piece of installation.

You can go either with semi-frameless or fully frameless glass (if we forget about any old school shower screens). The semi frameless glass has thin frame that runs along the top or bottom of the glass and it is holding the panels in place. The frames are usually small and not really noticeable. The frameless glass on the other hand runs entirely without frames and has only little brackets which are attached to the walls. This article will give you some tips of how to install a frameless shower screen. It is only a basic overview of the steps and does not guarantee that you are able to install a shower. I encourage you to seek a professional for such a job when you have no trade experience. Ready? Go!

The first job in a DIY shower door installation is to get an exact measurement of the shower, so that the right glass can be ordered. Every shower is different and getting an accurate measurement is a crucial step. Measurements should be performed by an experienced professional as it can cost thousands of dollars if done wrong. This process is not easy as it is not just about getting the right height and width of the shower but also to consider other parameters such as flexures, angles or alignment. Also the position of the door and the general functionality of the shower have to be considered.

The next step in a DIY shower door installation is now to order the glass from a professional glass manufacturer. The drawings have to be clear and show not only the dimensions of the glass but also possible holes (eg for the handles), the openings for the hinges or certain angles in the glass. A standard size for glass is 12 mm. Once again, the glass will be cut according to your measurements and if not done properly the glass can’t be used and it is very unlikely to get a refund. A standard delivery time of glass is about one week but may vary depending on the region or the amount of glass ordered.

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180 degree custom glass shower door

Once the glass is delivered it is time to actually install the shower. If you are replacing an old shower you have to unscrew or unhook the old frames and if there is silicone, cut it with an appropriate knife. It is not advisable to just pull out the old shower as you can tear out the tiles. Tiles are in general easy to damage. Use a razor blade and polish if needed to clean the surface. The preparation is like at any other renovating job important and should be taken seriously. Putting the glass panels in place is tricky and only appropriate equipment should be used.

The corners are extremely sensitive and the glass will break if it hits on bare concrete. Adjust the panels and the door so that they match and fix them temporarily with tape or anything else that would work. When the door is in place, mark the holes for the hinges and drill them accordingly. Hang the door and glue the fixed panels with silicone. Clean up the silicone and allow the shower to dry for about 24 hours.

Installing a shower is a difficult job and it is highly recommended to use a professional if you are not skilled enough. As mentioned above any mistake can cost thousands of dollars, so it is safer to go with a Houston glass company as they would cope for any mistakes they make. Instead, if you are looking to install or adjust an old glass shower door, we recommend you go with Houston Glass Repair professionals as they will ensure the job is done right and your door will serve you for decades!