Damaged windows can cause a lot of problems. Not only do they lower the value of your home, they can also cost you money in increased energy costs. If you have older windows you can save a lot of money by replacing them with new insulated glass windows. The insulated glass windows also known as double-glazed or IG’s have two pieces of glass surrounding a gas filled space to reduce the heat transfer to lower your energy costs and protect your family better than the older single pane window glass used in the past.

Window Replacement and Repair in Houston, Texas
Was your window recently broken? If a stray rock or baseball finds its way through your window we offer window replacement to get you back to new again.

If your windows are old, cracked, they are probably wasting a lot of energy. Now is the time that you may need to contact us for window replacement or repair. Replacing your home’s windows is vital for you and your family’s safety and security. An old window might not latch properly and may compromise the security of your home. Fogged windows can also be difficult to clean and can make your home look dirty, run down and abandoned. Not to mention, older windows can be difficult to operate, and frustrating every time you open and shut them. We can do a window replacement or repair, just give us a call and we can install modern insulated glass windows.
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Types of Residential Windows
Single Hung Windows – These are you basic windows. The top of the window does not move and the bottom is operable.
Double Hung Windows – These are windows that the top and bottom window panes move up and down or they both open.
Slider Windows – These windows open or close horizontally on a track. These are often used in bathrooms or when the width of your window is longer than the height.
Casement Windows – These windows are attached to one side of the window frame with a hinge and open by swinging out from the window.
Picture Windows – Also known as fixed windows, these do not open but are used to allow more light into a room and increase the curb appeal of your home.
Hurricane Windows – Living along the Gulf Coast these are something to consider. They are very strong and made to withstand hurricane force winds.
Bay or Bow Windows – These are used primarily in the kitchen or front area of the house. They come out from the wall at and angle and are usually 3 to 4 windows with the center window being fixed and the side windows being operable. They look great and offer lots of natural light.

Types of Residential Window Glass
Float Glass – Just your basic sheet of glass used in older homes mostly. Easy to repair but not very good for saving energy or security.
Laminated Glass – This glass is made extra strong by fusing two panes around a layer of Polyvinyl Butyral. High heat and pressure fusion are used to make this extra strong. It is basically the same glass that is used in car windshields.
Obscured Glass – This is the kind of glass where light comes in but you cannot see clearly through the glass. This is mostly used in bathroom windows, shower doors and entry doors.
Tempered Glass – This is glass that when broken will not shatter but will break into small pieces. They do this by heating it to 1200 degrees and cooling it very quickly. We use this glass in our shower doors because it is the safest glass on the market.
Insulated Glass – This is the glass most new homes have for their windows. It is excellent for safety and energy efficiency. This is made with two or three panes of glass surrounding argon gas in between the panes. We recommend this glass for the majority of residential homes.
Mirrored Glass – Basically you take float glass and put a metal coating on one side causing a mirror effect on the other side.

Other Residential Glass Services
Whether you are looking for a custom vanity mirror, a mirror wall, or sliding closet door –we are here to help. We offer a number of glass installation services including:

Window Installation
French Door Installation
Insulated Glass
Decorative Glass
Window Glazing
Tempered Glass
Laminated Glass
Sliding Glass Door Installation
Shower Door Installation
Glass Table Tops
Glass Shelving
We also offer window repairs for minor scratches. If the scratch is too deep –it might be best to replace the windowpane completely.

Contact AJ’s Glass and Mirrors today for window installation or window repair in Houston and the surrounding areas. We would be happy to answer any questions you have. Call: 832-799-1718.

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