Our Window Repair Specialists are ready to come and fix your broken windows! Whether it is Insulated glass, Double Pane Glass, Plate Glass, Commercial windows, Residential windows, or any window that needs repair we can fix it and let you relax knowing your window problems are solved.

Our Most Common Window Repairs
Broken Residential Window Glass – It is just a fact. These are the most common kinds of Window Repairs. Windows get broken. Baseballs, golf balls, hail, rain, tree limbs, rocks, lawn mowers, bb guns, and all kinds of other objects tend to find a way to break windows. The good news is we can fix them fast and correct for an affordable price.

Residential Windows that won’t open – Over time the springs and other components of a window begin to fail. Normally the best decision is to replace your windows but if that is not a current option we can come out and do everything we can to make the your window work again.

Insulated Glass Windows Fogging Up – This is becoming more common as more homes than ever have double pane or insulated glass windows. If they were not properly installed or have been beat up by the weather the seal breaks. This allows moisture to get inside the two panes of glass and causes the fogging of the windows. You have the option to repair these but that involves a machinist and most of the times the glass breaks in the process. We advise the majority of our clients with foggy insulated glass windows to replace them. In the end, the price is actually cheaper than repair and you get a brand new window with brand new components. Also, we are very careful putting the new windows in and use a process that does a much better job at keeping the windows from fogging up in the future.

Contact AJ’s Glass and Mirrors today for window installation or window repair in Houston and the surrounding areas. We would be happy to answer any questions you have and come out and fix your problem. Call: 832-799-1718.

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Areas We Offer Window Repair Service

Houston, Tx  Hilcrest, Tx  League City, Tx  Waller, Tx  Cypress, Tx  Hockley, Tx  Magnolia, Tx  Tomball, Tx

Conroe, Tx  Humble, Tx  Missouri City, Tx  Spring, Tx  Friendswood, Tx  Jersey Village, Tx  Montgomery, Tx

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