Your Patio Sliding Doors are a nice feature to any home. We service patio doors in the Houston area. The problem comes when they become old and worn out. We can repair them but sometimes if you have an older model patio door we will need to replace them. The good thing about replacing your patio sliding doors is that the newer model of patio doors use the same insulated glass as modern windows. These will surely safe you energy because they are double pane glass and not single pane glass. Also, older patio sliding doors start leaking air in and this also becomes a major energy loss. With new Patio sliding doors you will save enough energy to pay for them in a short amount of time. No matter the size or problem with your Patio Doors or Sliding Glass Doors, we can replace or repair it. We have been replacing and repairing patio doors in the Houston area for over 20 years and we have the experience to do the job right!
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If you are in a situation where you need to have your current patio sliding glass door repaired we will do everything we can to make it work. We can replace the patio door wheels if your patio door is not opening or closing properly. We can replace your Sliding door glass if it is broken. We can replace your patio sliding door locks if they are not working correctly. We can adjust the track and make your patio door work like new. Just give us a call or text at 832-799-1718 and we will schedule an appointment.

Types of Patio Sliding Doors
Vinyl Patio Doors – Vinyl Patio Doors are the most commonly used doors by our customers. They are strong and durable and can stand the hot weather of Houston. They will not fade, rot, or warp. They are also the least expensive of the types of patio doors and you can choose from many different colors.
Wood Patio Doors – We do not do many of these. They are the most expensive and hardest to maintain of all patio doors. They look great but with the changing Houston weather they will rot, warp and crack if not taken care of properly.
Metal Patio Doors – Made from aluminum or steel they are very durable and long lasting. They are not expensive but are also not very energy efficient.
Fiberglass Patio Doors – These make excellent patio doors. They are pretty much the same as Vinyl patio doors but are more expensive.

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Patio Door Replacement

Types of Glass Used in Patio Sliding Doors
Energy Efficient Glass – Low E glass really helps your energy bill. It is the same energy kind of glass used in some kinds of windows to protect your home and furniture from harmful UV rays.
Decorative Glass – If you want your Patio Sliding Door to stand out then you can choose frosted glass or various types of decorative glass on some kinds of doors to bring a modern feel to your Patio area.
Built in Blinds Glass – This option is available on some patio doors. The big plus is you do not have to clean your blinds again. The negative is they can be more expensive. They basically just put the blinds in between the two pieces of glass on your patio door.

patio door repair
Replacement of patio sliding glass door

Common Patio Door Problems that We can Repair
Stuck or difficult to slide patio sliding door – We will come out and remove the doors, check the rollers and replace or clean, replace, repair and clean the tracks and then reinstall the door.
Broken Locks or Latches – Most of the time we just come out and replace the locks and then make sure everything is working properly.
Broken Patio Glass – It is pretty much the same as replacing any window. We will remove the trim and the glass first. Then we will clean it thoroughly and install the new piece of glass with silicone. Then we put the trim back and clean the window.

With 20 Years Experience in the Houston Area we can fix your patio sliding glass door. If it cannot be fixed, we will replace it in a timely manner for an affordable price. Just Give us A CALL as 832-799-1718!

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