Thinking about remodeling your bathroom? Consider a Glass Shower Door to make your bathroom look more modern. With over 20 years of experience providing high-quality custom glass shower door solutions in Houston we are ready to help you. Whether it’s framed, frameless or semi-framed we can get together with you and design the Glass shower door of your dreams!

custom glass shower door
Custom Glass Shower Door

We have installed and designed some of the best Custom built glass showers in the Houston area. We work with you to decide what you want your dream Shower or bath to look like. Check out some of the Pictures of our work. THEN CALL US AT 832-799-1718 for your FREE ESTIMATE!

While choosing a glass shower door is a relatively straightforward process; it’s worth investing some time into making the decision, to ensure that the door you choose is perfectly suited to your needs.

Glass shower doors are practical, but they can also serve as an aesthetic feature in your bathroom. After all, a shower door is a significant upgrade from a simple shower curtain, and the one that you choose should be not only functional, but also attractive.

If you’re in the market for a custom glass shower door, here are some things that you should consider, to help you choose one that’s ideal for you.

Kinds of Custom Glass Shower Doors

Single Glass Shower Door

Single Glass Shower Door – Just one piece of glass to enclose your shower door. Simple, efficient and easy to clean.

In Line Bath tub Custom Glass Enclosure

In-Line Shower or Bathtub Glass Enclosure – Get rid of your shower curtain. Remove the mold and hassle. Easy to clean and simple to use.

in-line shower door
In Line Custom Shower Door

In-Line Glass Shower Door and Panel – A two piece glass enclosure for your shower. Looks beautiful, opens and closes easy and brings a modern feel to your bathroom.

90 degree glass shower door
90 Degree Glass Shower Door

90 Degree Glass Shower Door – A two piece glass enclosure designed for corner showers and works great with a shower and bath combo.

Neo angle custom glass shower door
Neo Angle Custom Shower Door

Neo Angle Glass Shower Door – These can be 3 or even 4 pieces of glass that enclose showers with odd angles. They look great and perform excellent for many years.

180 degree custom glass shower door
180 Degree Custom Shower Door

180 Degree Glass Shower Door – These are 4 or 5 piece glass enclosures. They are for when the shower is up against the wall and not in the corner. They really bring a modern flair and give you plenty of room to enjoy a relaxing shower.


Glass Thickness
Shower doors come in thicknesses of 1/2 inch and 3/8 inch.

1/2 Inch: 1/2 inch glass shower doors offer the best structural durability. The glass also has a more substantial look and feel.
3/8 Inch: 3/8 inch glass is a more budget-friendly option, and is the narrowest thickness for glass that is used in framed shower doors.

Glass Types

Clear – Clear glass is the most common style of glass for shower doors. Most clear glass will come with a slight green tint.
Frosted – Frosted or opaque glass shower doors offer the most privacy for shower doors. Frosted glass doors are generally only sketched on one side, while remaining smooth on the other so cleaning is made easy.
Rain – Rain glass shower doors have a distinctive pattern that looks like rain, offering optimized privacy. Rain shower doors are also ideal if you’re looking for something that will help to conceal watermarks or fingerprints.
Bronze – Bronze-tinted shower doors are for those looking for a dark, tinted shower door. The tint adds to your privacy.
Grey – A grey-tinted glass door adds privacy and looks stylish.

Tempered Glass
Tempered glass is the only glass that is permitted by law, in bathroom showers. Tempered glass is also known as safety glass, and is important because in the event that the glass becomes broken –it doesn’t break into sharp jagged pieces, but instead breaks into small oval pebbles that are less dangerous.

For more information on shower door installation in Houston and the surrounding areas contact AJ’s Glass and Mirrors. We would be happy to answer any question you have, and help you find a shower door that’s perfect for your needs. Call: 832-799-1718.

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