Are you sick and tired of that old shower curtain in your bathroom? Does it smell? Is it laden with mold causing bacteria that can only make you and the entire household sick? Are you interested in making your wash space and along with the whole bathroom a cleaner, mold free environment while at the same time making a fashion statement and adding a significant value to your home? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then what you need is a Glass Shower Door or Enclosure. If you are looking to install glass shower doors in Houston, here are some important points.

Whether the home is a new construction or in its fiftieth year of existence, many homeowners are joining the contemporary revolution of Glass in the wash space. And no wonder for unlike shower or bathtub curtains of the past. Modern Glass Shower doors do not smell nor do they provide a breeding ground for mold causing bacteria. Yes, they eliminate the dangerously negative aspects of shower curtains while at the same time making many positive contributions to any bathroom, and in fact the entire home.

It doesn’t matter if the proposed Glass Panels’ location is of the Modern Age design, or if it is in a Victorian home. Or whether it is a shower or a bathtub, for there is an almost infinite amount of design possibilities available. Where the only limitations would be the budget, imagination and of course the skill level of the installation crew. The options for the glass come in three main categories. Ranging from Tempered Glass, Laminated Glass and Cast Glass. And they all come in either clear or a whole array of stock and custom colors to choose from our Houston area glass company.

frosted glass shower door houston, tx
Frosted glass inline shower door

Then, there is the hardware that will hold the Glass shower door in place. The two choices are either a Framed shower door or a Frameless shower door. The Framed Shower is usually but not necessarily a Slider Unit that has top and bottom framing bars that provide Rails for the Glass Door Panels to slide open or shut. The Frameless Shower Door is just that, meaning that it has no frame to hold the Glass Shower in its place. Instead what it uses are Brackets and Door Hinges along with silicone to hold the Glass Shower up in its place. And yes, even though there are no Metal Framing Bars in the Frameless Shower Door, these three elements (or two if there is no door and therefore no hinges) working together in unison build a very strong structure. And just like the glass. The metal hardware for both Framed & Frameless Shower Doors come in virtually any color and finish to match whichever architectural design of their surroundings. Then there are the four main categories of Glass Panels in the wash space. Which are as follows.

Inline Glass Shower: is a shower unit in one single straight line that can have a multiple number of Glass Panels and a Shower Door.

Right Angle Glass Shower: is usually for the most part placed in the ninety-degree corner of the bathroom. And the Glass shower Door can be on either side.

Neo-Angle Glass Shower: is usually a corner Glass Shower that has one center Panel of Glass and two at forty-five-degrees.

Custom Angle Glass Shower: is just what its name implies. Meaning that the Glass Panels have to be set-up in unique configurations in order to close in the Glass Shower. And Custom Angle Showers always come in a Frameless Shower unit.

I’ve just given you but a brief description of the main styles and aspects of Glass Showers, Frameless Glass Showers , Glass Shower Panels or Glass Shower Enclosures in the bathroom. And although I have just scratched the surface it is my sincere hope that all readers will come away with a better idea of the many options before them. And that their big dilemma now is deciding on a design. Good luck and give us a call at AJ’s Glass and Mirrors of Houston and we can help you design the Glass Shower of your Dreams!