The Age Of Frameless Shower Doors

For installing a new shower, the first and foremost thing you need to look for after deciding the type of shower and shower head is what kind of door you wish to install. There are several shower doors on offer in the market. Some of the popular options are:

  1. Frameless Shower doors;
  2. Framed shower doors;
  3. Glass sliding door;
  4. Curved glass shower door.

Frameless Shower doors, as the name may suggest, are those glass shower doors that do not have any frame as part of their body.

Pros and Cons

Pro: Aesthetically Pleasing

There is no point in denying the fact that Frameless Shower doors are aesthetically pleasing to look at. They give your bathroom a more sophisticated look while at the same time, they’re simple and modern.

Con: They are More Expensive

Frameless Shower doors, when compared to other types of shower doors, are significantly more expensive. A decent option might cost you upwards of $1,000, but prices range from $800 for an in-line single panel to as much as $3000 for a 180 degree Custom Frameless Shower door with Shower Guard. There are many options so the price varies on each shower door. If the wall is out of square, the glass must be cut out of square. The height that you want the door can change the price. The type of glass, the hardware you wish to use, many things affect the price.

inline frameless shower door
In-line Frameless Shower Door Estimated Price $800
180 Degree Frameless Shower door
180 Degree Frameless Shower Door Estimated Price $3000

Pro: Easier to Maintain

These types of shower doors are easier to maintain because of their simple and minimalistic design. Cleaning is simple and they make your bathroom scream sophisticated and modern.

Con: Complicated Installation

Due to their complicated structure, Frameless Shower doors are trickier to install. Their installation requires utmost care and should only be installed by trained professionals. The measurements are down to the sixteenths and in the Houston area many doors will need to be cut out of square because of our shifting earth.

90 degree frameless shower door
90 Degree Frameless Shower Door

Pro: Minimize risk of developing mold

Frameless Shower doors collect an almost negligible amount of water. Therefore, there is less risk of a collection of the pattern. The ease of cleaning also helps prevent mold.

Con: There is a risk of shattering

Due to the nature of their design, Frameless Shower doors are not protected by any frame as such. Therefore, there is a extremely slight risk of shattering them. The good thing is they are made of tempered glass so even though it is rare for shower door glass to shatter if it does the risk of injury is very minimal.

Installation of Frameless Glass doors

It is easier to install Framed Shower doors than Frameless Shower doors. A healthy individual with the right number of tools can install a Framed shower door himself. The case is not the same for Frameless Shower doors. Installing these requires precision and more sophisticated tools. If not installed correctly, there might be leakages or they may not look as good as they should. Therefore, it is always preferred that trained professionals should install them.

Maintenance of Frameless Glass doors

It is easier to maintain Frameless Shower doors. Parts can be easily sourced due to their simple and minimalistic design.

In the case of Framed Shower doors, parts are needed to be purchased from the original manufacturer only.

Cost of Frameless Glass doors

As mentioned earlier, Frameless Glass Shower doors are expensive when compared to Framed Glass doors. Prices for Frameless Glass Shower doors start at around $800, Whereas a Framed Glassdoor can be installed as a do-it-yourself project for as low as $150.


Frameless Shower Doors are a new trend in the market that are aesthetically pleasing to look at and can improve the looks of any bathroom giving it a modern, sophisticated look. Although they are quite a bit more expensive, they’re still a worthy upgrade to any bathroom.

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