Custom Mirrors Introduction

Custom Mirrors have a beautiful representation. Today due to technology, there are many kinds of mirrors. Mirrors can also be customized according to your needs, as well. There are infinite patterns of custom mirrors that can be created. The product hardly has any drawbacks. It is a delicate yet timeless beauty that will always add charm to the design.

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Custom Mirrors Houston

The process of customization

Custom Mirrors can be made as per the customer needs. There are different ways to imply the same. The beveled glass mirrors can be used as well. These kinds of glass are thick from the middle, but the edges are thinned and sharpened as well. These mirrors are customized according to the borders of the mirror. You can also get the color decided. Thanks to new technology, you can get various kinds of colors for custom mirrors, as well. Make sure you handle them with care and hire a glass company as mirrors are delicate.

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Custom Mirror Shelves

The beauty and charm of custom mirrors

Custom Glass Mirrors are known for the kind of beauty that they add. These pieces of art can be formed as per the need of the customer. They add a different charm in the look. The sizes of the mirror can be customized as well. You can get a custom mirror made precisely according to the area where the mirror is to be hanged. Many kinds of creative mirages can be formed with mirrors and their reflections, as well. There is a certain kind of play that can be done using lights too. There are many kinds of glass companies that make custom mirrors. They can also add a custom frame around it if you ask them too. Custom Mirror Frames also add beauty to it. There are many kinds of materials and patterns for the frames, as well. Frames will only add to the aesthetic beauty of customized mirrors.

At AJ’s Glass and Mirrors we can Design and Install:

  • Custom Bathroom Mirrors
  • Gym and Dance Studio Mirror Walls
  • Table Top Custom Mirrors
  • Kitchen Backsplash Mirrors
  • Vanity Mirrors
  • Wood Wrapped Mirrors
  • Bevel Wrapped Mirrors
  • Living Area Mirrors
  • Custom Mirror Shelves
  • Custom Bar Mirrors
  • Framed Mirrors

Timeless and attractive beauty

Custom Mirrors are something that can be matched and carried out with any theme. They will go well with any genre. These can blend in exceptionally well with any design. Custom mirrors are picking up their fashion, as well. You can use these as art pieces, interior items, exterior facades, partition walls, or any other way. Designers are also beginning to prefer custom mirrors. Many designers have a set pattern that gives their design a signature look that they are going for. They are also used for making different things such as mirrored glass table tops and other ornate according to the plan.


Custom Glass mirrors are a beautiful and attractive addition that can make the any room in your home more eye-pleasing. Custom made mirrors can be created in different patterns according to the theme and looks of the place. Mirror borders are customized, as well. You can get the shape and design of the mirror as per what you want. You can choose custom mirrors according to your needs. These beautiful, timeless mirrors will enhance the looks of any place that they are used for.

If you are in need of a Custom Mirror solution, we are the answer. At AJ’s Glass and Mirrors In Houston we can come to your home and help you to design the perfect Custom Mirror to fit your needs. With 20+ years of experience as a Houston Glass Company we have the knowledge to install your new Custom Mirror and make it perfect for you.

Areas We Install Custom Mirrors

Houston, Tx
Cypress, Tx 
Conroe, Tx
Friendswood, Tx
Hempstead, Tx
Hillcrest, Tx
Hockley, Tx
Humble, Tx
Jersey Village, Tx
Katy, Tx
League City, Tx
Magnolia, Tx
Missouri City, Tx
Montgomery, Tx
Richmond, Tx
Waller, Tx
Tomball, Tx
Spring, Tx
Sugar Land, Tx
Woodlands, Tx

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