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20+ Years Experience in the Houston Glass Industry.  AJ’s Glass and Mirrors is a family owned glass company in the Houston area. We can fix or replace any type of glass or mirror.  We specialize in Custom Glass Shower Doors, Custom Mirrors, Window Replacement and Repair, Patio Sliding Door replacement and repair, Custom glass shelves, glass table tops and more.

Custom Frameless Shower Doors in Houston Area

With 20 Plus years of experience in the Houston Area we have become experts in Custom Frameless Shower doors.  For Instance, we can do Clear glass, Frosted Glass, Rain Glass, Bronze Glass or even Grey Glass.  In addition, we can install single glass shower doors, sliding glass shower doors, and even Neo Angle glass shower enclosures.  We use tempered glass to build the shower enclosure therefore if the glass were to break it would be small pieces. Tempered Glass is far less dangerous than plate glass used in mirrors and older windows. 90% of the shower doors we do are Frameless shower doors.  They are the most modern and easy to clean shower doors on the market at this time.  If your shower door is giving you problems we can also repair shower doors.

frameless glass shower door
Custom Frameless Shower Door

Custom Mirrors

We also do Custom Mirrors.  We can replace just about any mirror and make it custom to the way you design it.  In addition, we do mirror walls, bevel wrap mirrors, bathroom mirrors, make mirror shelves. We also do framed mirrors.  We can do glass framed or bevel wrap mirrors or we can do wood framed mirrors.

bevel wrap custom mirror
Custom Bevel Wrapped Mirror

Window Repair and Window Replacement

Our other expertise comes in Window Repair and Window Replacement.   If you want the latest energy efficient windows we can replace your old windows and save you on energy cost.  If you have just one or two windows giving you problems, we can replace the glass or in double pane windows we can replace the insulated glass unit.  Window Repairs are also something we have plenty of experience with.  Any single pane window repair is going to be something we can repair fix and easily for a very fair price.  If you need to repair a double pane insulated glass window, the majority of the time it will need to be replaced.  The issue is double pane windows have two pieces of glass with argon gas in the middle.  It is unfortunately very common for the seal on a double pane window to be compromised over time in the hot Houston area weather.  To repair a double pane window requires a machinist and it actually ends up being about the same price as window replacement.

window replacement houston
Bay Window Replacement

Patio Sliding Door repair and Patio Door replacement.

In addition, Patio Doors are another specialty, we do a lot of Sliding patio doors in the Houston area and we can replace or repair your old patio sliding door.  We can replace your patio door rollers if your patio door is not opening or closing properly.  If your patio door lock is not working we can replace the lock. If you want to go with a new patio door, we do Patio door replacement on a daily basis.  If your patio door is older in most cases it is hard to find parts and sometimes it is best to just replace your patio door to get the best results.

patio sliding door replacement katy, tx
Patio Sliding Door Replacement

Custom Glass and Leaded Glass Windows

If you have a glass problem that nobody seems to be able to solve, then give us a call! In our 20 years serving Houston we have seen and repaired just about anything related to glass.  Leaded glass doors and Leaded Glass Windows are jobs that many glass companies will not do.  We are more than happy to come out and repair that piece of front door leaded glass that got broken by the lawnmover!  We also build beautiful custom glass shelves for kitchens and bathrooms.  If you have a tempered glass problem and need a custom glass solution AJ’s Glass and Mirrors is the glass company to call in the Houston Area.

leaded glass windows door houston, tx
Leaded Glass Door Window Repair

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